Terms & Conditions

Dawah center and Dawah Fund:

As we have to provide money to our local representative and the helpless people via bKash, so if you send us money via bKash or through bank account, most of the time ourtransaction method will bebKash. In some special case we choose bank account for transaction. The money we get from the sponsors of “Dawah Center” are spent to the helpless people of remote areas of Bangladesh, to write books as well as make their publication, to provide monthly salary to the teachers of Msjid& Madrasa,to provide salary to the online teachers, to create video content based on renowned books, to create lessons & take classes on Quran & Arabic language,to create weekly lessons on Islamic studies, to take online classes, to bring about a matrimony platform for practicing brothers & sisters, to pay the salary to our officials, to perform the projects under surveillance of Dawah Fund, to maintain the office management cost, to deposit them into our fund for owning lands, building& infrastructure for establishing Dawah Center and Madrasa. They will also be spent in different sectors according to the necessity of foundation.

The Eligible Projects Under Dawah Fund:

  • To establish Madrasa and Maktab in the border areas of Kurigram, Lalmonirhat and Nilphamarim
  • To re-open the closed Madrasa Maktab in those remote areas, In Shaa Allah
  • To establish Masjid in the remote areas
  • To conduct any service oriented activities
  • To supply free books among children to teach them Imaan, Aqeeedah and Tawheed
  • Creating and supplying free video materials to teach Arabic language and paying the salary to the respected teachers
  • For purchasing lands and infrastructure to own a Dawah Center and Madrasa
  • Extending a helping hand to the helpless Muslim family and for any Fi- Sabilillah activities
  • In any need of different sectors of the foundation, the common fund can be used, In Shaa Allah.

Orphan/Needy Student Sponsorship Program:

The received money we provide to our local representative and the helpless people via bKash, so if you send us money via bKash or through bank account, most of the time our transaction method will be bKash.In some special case we choose bank account for transaction.

Some aspects of our project operation:

  1. BDT 100 will be given to the local orphan account manager from the sponsorship fee, to manage accounts of orphans,
  2. Your sadaqah will be spent to keep the madrasa running to maintain the expense, whether a student leaves or a new student comes,
  3. The assigned money of a student will be handed over his/ her guardian through our district delegates,
  4. A student can spend the money he/ she got either for own self or for his family after paying of Madrasa fee, In Shaa Allah,
  5. If you want to cancel your sponsorship, you have to inform us at least one month before so that we get enough time to find a new sponsor, In Shaa Allah. Are you ready to take responsibility of a student,only for Allah?

Masjid Project:

Your total donation of this project will be spent for Masjid. Here,no additional charge will be taken for our foundation, In Shaa Allah. We only expect our reward toAllah A'zzaWaJall. Thegiven budget is based on our previous experience but it can be more or less according to situation.If there is any situation like this, we will inform you, In Shaa Allah. Are you ready to build a masjid, only for Allah?

If any change or modification is needed in our project management, the decision of our foundation will be final. May Allah accept you and also all of us. To conduct a project it is very normal to make mistakes, as we are normal human being. We pray that Allah-Al-Ghafur- Ar-Rahim might forgive our mistakes. And a petition to you that if we make any mistakes, please don’t accuse us in the Day of Judgment, In Shaa Allah. We also pray for you and all of us that Allah might forgive all of us for our efforts. Are you agree with our terms, only for Allah?

Community well

1. For management purpose 1500tk will be spent for project manager. 2. If any money save after completing a community well, the money will be deposited on common water fund