Masjid Sponsorship

Build a house in Jannah

Sab’a Sanabil Foundation is building a bridge to find the right location where it’s really need and also we are building those masjid in a very low budget so many people get a chance to participate in this sadkaye jariah project. Sab’a Sanabil Foundation has already made 20 masjid in northern part as well as hilly areas of Bangladesh. Note: In our most of the masjid we have opened Hafijia Madrasa in the masjid building so children of this remote areas get an opportunity for islamic education.

Build a complete Masjid by only 4 lakh taka in remote areas of Bangladesh
"Whoever builds a Masjid for sake of Allah, Allah will build a house for him in Jannah"-ibn majah
Sponsor a Single Masjid
Our donor has an opportunity to build a single masjid by only 4 lakh taka in remote areas of Bangladesh.
Build a Masjid with Kuwait Foundation
Now our donors have option to build a full concrete masjid by only 4 lakh taka
Masjid in Hilly Region
Alhamdulillah by only 5 lakh taka we are building masjid in hilly region like Bandarban, Rangamati and Khagrasori.
Common Masjid Fund
Any amount can be donated in Sab'a Sanabil Masjid fund which will be used only to build masjid.

Key Facts

We have a plan to build a masjid inside Sab'a Sanabil Madrasa Complex
There will be a Madrasa building equipped with modern facilities in sha Allah
Sab'a Sanabil office is planned to build inside our Madrasa Complex

A short documentation on our masjid and other sadkaye jariah projects

Project FAQs

When a donor want to build masjid a donation, our team will contact him to let him know the location of masjid. Before that donor can also contact us in our official facebook page or donor can directly contact in this number +8801735288754 Our facebook page link:

There are two ways: Either he can transfer directly through these below accounts or he can use online payment gateway system. 01776838760 (Bkash Personal) Bank: Islami Bank Bangladesh Ltd. A/C Name: SSF HOUSE OF JANNAH A/C No: 20503550100227011 Branch: Bhurungamari, Kurigram. Routing: 125490108

approximate 40 masjid in hilly region as well as northbengal region of Bangladesh

you can call us in this number: +8801735288754

5% of total budget is for the responsible person/persons who is managing those projects. Note: Our admin panel do not take any money from saba sanabil foundation. it is only management cost for people who are working here