ilmshare- share knowledge

A platform to make video content on beneficial knowledge

Ilmshare is a sadkaye jariah project of Saba Sanabil foundation where a team is working to create contents on beneficial knowledge like video content as well as books on Arabic language learning, Quran learning, Akida, Fiqh, Seerah and many more. Alhamdulillah for 2 years our team is working to create this platform so our brother and sisters can gain Islamic knowledge totally free in sha Allah. Besides Islamic contents Ilmshare is also working to create content on skill development for general and madrasa based students in sha Allah.

“When a person dies, all their deeds end except three: a continuing charity, beneficial knowledge and a child who prays for them,” (Hadith, Muslim).
ilmshare-common fund
you can donate any amount in our ilmshare common fund which will be used to make video content arabic lecture and other beneficial knowledge
sponsor a ilmshare techer
You can support our ilmshare project by sponsoring a teacher which will cost around 5000tk/month

Key Facts

From last three years we are making videos on arabic learning content on "madani nisab"
We have started new project on arabic learning specific for children
Our another project is to transliterate arabic lecture which is beneficial for this ummah

A short video presentation of ilmshare project

Project FAQs

You can donate through online payment gateway or you can directly donate through this account: Bank: Islami Bank Bangladesh Ltd. A/C Name: ILM SHARE A/C No.: 20506990100016807 Branch: Bhurungamari, Kurigram. Routing: 125490108 <br><br> 01742-824468 bKash+Nagad personal 01742-824468-7 Rocket personal

we are making video contents on: 1. Madani nisab books 2. arabic learning for kids 3. seerah 4. hadis