Madrasa Complex- Sab'a Sanabil

A small root of a big dream

Sab’a Sanabil Madrasa complex is a dream project of sab’a Sanabil foundation where we will build a Dawah Center, Masjid and Madrasa Complex in next 10 years in sha Allah. We have a dream that one day this place will be our Markaz of all charity and sadaye jariah activities. There will be scholarship and free accomodation facilitates of orphan students in sha Allah. For buying land and building madrasa complex we need 200 lifetime members who will donate 2000tk/month for this project. We hope that our donors will be rewarded each salah that will be prayed in this markaz, each word of Quran which will be memorized here.

"Whoever builds a Masjid for sake of Allah, Allah will build a house for him in Jannah"-ibn majah
Founder Membership
Become a founder member of Sab'a Sanabil Madrasa Complex by one time donation amount between 50000-200000 tk
Madrasa Complex Fund
Our donor can donate any amount in our madrasa complex fund which is fixed for buying land of madrasa complex
Ansar Membership
Become an 'ansar member' of our madrasa complex fund by a regular donation each month

Key Facts

We have a plan to build a masjid inside Sab'a Sanabil Madrasa Complex
There will be a Madrasa building equipped with modern facilities in sha Allah
We have a plan to nourish talented student from remote parts of Bangadesh into our Madrasa
Sab'a Sanabil office is planned to build inside our Madrasa Complex

Sab'a Sanabil Documentary

Project FAQs

There are two ways to send money for madrasa complex fund. One is through online payment gateway and other way is to send money directly to our Bank account. Our Bank ac details are following: Bank: Dutch Bangla Bank Ltd. Account Type: Agent Banking. A/C No: 7017100367264 A/C Name: Saba Sanabil Madrasa Complex Branch: Kurigram Routing number: 090490404

We have a plan to build masjid, madrasa, dawah center, sab'a sanabil foundation office, ilmshare office, orphan building and so on

To buy 5katha land inside Dhaka we need approximately 2.0 cr tk