Community Well

Best act of charity in remote regions of Bangladesh

Sa’d Ibn ‘Ubadah reported, I said “O messenger of Allah, my mother has died, shall I give charity on her behalf?” The Prophet Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam said: “yes” I said, “which charity is best” The prophet said, “A drink of water” There are many hilly and remote areas in Bangladesh where people are greatly suffering due to lack of tubewell and drinking water. In many areas people walk like half an hour to collect water from pond. Since 2018 Sab’a Sanabil Foundation is building community well in remote parts of Bangladesh like Bandarban, Khagrasori, Rangamati and other remote parts of Bangladesh. Alhamdulillah till now Sab’a Sanabil has built 110 tubewell in many parts of Bangladesh.

“Which Charity is Best” The prophet said, “A drink of water”
Sponsor a Well (Flat Land)
One normal flat land Community well costs only 12000 tk
Build a well in Hilly Region
In hilly areas community well costs around 1-1.5 lakh tk
Tubewell for widows and poor
One tubewell for widows and poor can be built by only 12000 tk
Safe Water Fund
Any amount can be donated in our safe water fund which will be used for building community well

A short documentation of our community well as well as other projects

Project FAQs

To sponsor a community well, plz message us in our facebook page or you can directly call us in this number 01735288754 so we can discuss more for the location of community well or you can leave the whole management in our hands as well. Facebook page link:

There are two ways: Either he can transfer directly through these below accounts or he can use online payment gateway system. 01752757694 (Bkash+Nagad personal) 01752757694-5 (Rocket personal)

1. In case of normal flat land Community well costs 12000 tk 2.In hilly areas community well costs around 90000-100000 tk

Many remote areas specially northbengal and hilly regions