About Us

About Saba Sanabil

Sab'a Sanabil Foundation is a non profitable islamic charity organisation based in Bangladesh. Sab'a Sanabil foundation is working on building Masjid, Madrasa, Community well in remote parts of Bangladesh as well as video content on arabic subjects in Dhaka since 2017. Sab'a Sanabil foundation is obliged to maintain islamic shariah and execute it's projects through a "shura" board.


Sab'a Sanabil Foundation aims to eradicate poverty by self supporting window, orphan and helpless people as well as to spread dawah in remote areas of Bangladesh. Our aim is-

  • Respond to emergency disasters anywhere in Bangladesh and provide relief.
  • to build Masjid, community well and Masjid based madrasa in remote areas of Bangladesh.
  • to support oppressed muslim families.
  • To spread dawah activities.


Sab'a Sanabil Foundation has the policy to spend the donation on that specific project and each project has specific bank account and mobile banking account. Besides that we have a "Dawah Fund" where some of our donor deposit sadakah on a regular basis. We use this fund for many sadkaye jariah project as well as to execute our official expense and online arabic video content making purpose alhamdulillah. Besides that each of the project has certain rules and policy which we share with our donor before starting of their project. In our main admin panel no one takes any salary from Sab'a Sanabil foundation except one who is giving full time for management of Sab'a Snabail foundation.


The vision of Sab'a Sanabil Foundation is to empower muslim community intellectually and economically as well as to build educational dawah center in all parts of Bangladesh.
We are passionate in charity


Sab'a Sanabil foundation is always try to maintain islamic values. We take the trusts (amanah) of the people very seriously and with great care. Here are some of our key principles:

Qur’an & Sunnah

The boundaries set by Allah in the Qur’an and the Prophetic example in the authentic Sunnah is what we strive to follow.

Ihsaan (Excellence)

We do our work to the best of our abilities, using the best methods and personnel. Seeking regular help and advice from professionals and partners.

Our Team

Our Online Teachers


Sab'a Sanabil Foundation was established with combine efforts of some general background and madrasa background brothers. In 2017 We started making youtube videos on "esho arbi shikhi book" which is an arabic learning book written by Abu taher Misbah. In 2018, we visited a christian missionaries affected area located in Jaldhaka, Nilphamari where many Muslims converted to christianity due to poverty and lack of islamic knowledge. Then we decided to build a madrasa there and we started a crowd funding to build that madrasa named "Sumaiya RadiAllahu anha mohila madrasa" in Nilphamari and this is how Sab'a Sanabil Foundation started its journey Alhamdulillah.

There are some general and madrasa brothers together built Sab'a Sanabil Foundation. Among them: 1. Fakhruzzaman Imran (Raqi and madrasa teacher) 2. Abu Muhammad (School teacher) 3. Hafiz al munadi (Raqi and Madrasa teacher) 4. Mehedi Hasan (Electrical engineer) 5. Mahtab uddin (Service holder) 6. Nahid hasan Roni (Buisness) and many more...

1. Masjjid construction 2. Community tubewell 3. Orphan sponsorship 4. Madrasa teacher sponsorship 5. Community development (karje Hasanah) 6. Zakat 7. ilmshare 8. Dawah center and many more

1. Md mojammel (madrasa and orphan sponsorship manager (01862445991) 2. Afjal hossen (masijd and tubewell sponsorship manager) (01776838760) 3. Nahid Hasan (CEO) (01308-385841)

Yes, Sab'a Sanabil Foundation is registered under charity trus act. Registration number : iv-3/2021